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Creative and Imaginary photo manipulations, photography, photoshop, Surreal Visual art, and Theme based images


The Teleidoscope is not just a group but a small magical island owned by 10 different Photographers. Everyone is welcomed with only one simple condition – you have to believe in fairies. Don’t say – 'I don’t ..' or a little fairy will die in a far away land. (Just kidding ;) 

Welcome to our Wonderland…let’s paint it in pixels and nurture it with enchanting dreams. Join our 52 weeks long journey with a new theme for every week. Enjoy the blast of creative energy.

Who’s who :

Brooke Henshall

Short attention spanned Aussie with her Canon 400D. 
Clicks - Mostly Humans, including her self.
Bitten by the photography bug - Since she can remember, but started shooting regularly when she got her first SLR in 2008.
@ The Teledioscope - Looking forward to challenging her self and doing this project with 9 awesome and talented people.
Funny fact - I was in New York this summer for a week, with no intention to travel further. I got bored so I walked into a travel agency and booked a flight to The Netherlands.

 Elizabeth Ibarra

17 year old wanderer who loves to find the beauty in life behind the lens of her Canon Rebel XSi

Clicks - self portraiture, surrealism, fashion photography, travel photography .. just about anything and everything :)

Bitten by the photography bug - about 5 years ago, wanting to capture memories of family vacations to foreign places

@ The Teledioscope - excited to start this project and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Funny fact - I can walk on my toes , and no not the way you would imagine- the other way!

 Purvi (Mint Icetea )

An “almost” crazy Aquarian with lodz of dreams and very little patience, explores life with her Nikon D90.  
Clicks – Everything, inclusive of but not limited to- dreamy self portraits.  
Bitten by the photography bug – about two years ago Flickr found and captivated her.
@ The Teledioscope – will visit and document The Neverland with other 9 dreamers.
Funny fact – Loves fantasy movies and would get so lost in it that after watching the movie it will take her quite some time to come back to the real world.

Rob Woodcox

A Vagabond from the Detroit region who likes to capture magic as he travels to and fro in this place called Earth. Through the forests, urban landscapes and rivers he goes, making art out of the places and people he meets. A Canon 40D usually aids him although a 5D may be coming his way soon!

Clicks - the real and surreal, while attempting to capture awesome lighting scenarios

Bitten by the photography bug - on a midsummer's night in 2009
@ The Teledioscope - he hopes will bring him further into success in photography and further into learning how to use his tools effectively!

Funny Fact- I always thought I was Aladdin as a kid and would try to run through the streets as if the Palace guards were after me. I was always a dreamer :)